Ku Klux Klan Announce They Hate Aliens Now Too

PULASKI, Nov. 26—The Ku Klux Klan released a statement today in what appears to be human fecal matter smeared onto a 2×4 saying they now include extraterrestrials in a long list of non-whites who they wish didn’t exist.

“We, the Anglo Knights of the Holy Master Race, want everyon [sic] to know that we hate alienes [sic] and if we catch any of them boys eatin [sic] in our Resteraunts [sic] or taking DumPs [sic] in our portopotties [sic], we will shoot them on site [sic]. Thanks [sic] you. Hail Hitler.”

The Klan came under fire last month after attacking Venutian protestors during an Alien Rights Rally, where the otherwise peaceful race reluctantly vaporized the white-hooded hatemongers with photon rifles primarily used for hunting chimeras in the toxic marshlands.